Food Chain Partnership: the most natural and safe strawberry

Food Chain Partnership: the most natural and safe strawberry

Grufesa lets the nature take its course to offer the consumer the most natural and safe strawberry. It does so thanks to the Food Chain Partnership project, launched in 2010, in which Grufesa was a pioneer in Huelva’s province. Orchestrated by Bayer CropScience, it is a collaborative program which has undoubtedly marked a new way of farming and that brings one hundred per cent of our hectares close to biological production.

Food Chain Partnership ensures the perfect health conditions of our crops, that will produce a high quality, safe and healthy strawberry, thanks to all the demanding protocols of plagues and crop disease that are, on top of that, respectful with the environment. To achieve that, from Grufesa we follow a series of stipulations during the season:

  • Not to surpass the 33% of the Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) established by the European Union and increase the requests and restrictions regarding the active substances used, bringing us close to Zero Residue.
  • Using fast dissipation active substances when facing a plague or disease. Besides, the lowest dose possible is always applied.
  • We lessen the pollution impact on water.
  • We preserve local flora and fauna, and take into account natural pollinating agents, such as bees.

The task list set by Food Chain Partnership is also complemented with regular multi-residue analysis through the internationally renowned laboratory Analytica Alimentaria, which verifies the level of compliance with the established goals.

As a result of this commitment to health and food safety and the strict guidelines on plague and disease control, each season we obtain a flavourful, unique and natural strawberry, guaranteed to be sustainable.


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