Grufesa: the passion of turning the strawberry into a unique experience

The passion of turning the strawberry into a unique experience

Grufesa is a passion: the passion to transform the strawberry into a unique experience. We decided to specialize exclusively in this fruit, because only this way we can fully understand its secrets while obtaining the maximum quality.


This is the impulse that drives us since 1983, when a group of farmers planted the seed of Grufesa, the leading producer and marketer company within Huelva’s strawberry sector. With 40 partners, in Grufesa we work every season to bring a fruit in which we are experts to the market: the strawberry. We place more than 26.000 tons of this red berries at our consumers’ disposal, berry that grows in our 500 hectares of cultivation.


Grufesa grows a strawberry of extraordinary quality, capable of conquering palates beyond frontiers. Grufesa maintains a commercial network through a large part of Europe – England, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Austria and Poland-, in Russia and Panama.