Grufesa highlights the impact that its commitment to innovation has had on those attending Fruit Attraction

Grufesa highlights the impact that its commitment to innovation has had on those attending Fruit Attraction

Grufesa’s pioneering commitment to full innovation for sustainability and market demands has grabbed the attention of those passing by their stand at Fruit Attraction.

Of particular impact has been its recognition as the first company in the world to certify all its production with the Bayer CropScience’s Food Chain Partnership Add-on, an additional certification to the GLOBALG.A.P standard. Thanks to this programme, 45% of last season’s production was residue free and the rest far below the Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) of prevailing legislation.

“This recognition is the fruit of many years of effort. It certifies work well done that gives us a value-added differentiation as it generates greater confidence and transparency, allowing us to open more doors to new markets by offering safer and healthier fruit” explains Carlos Cumbreras, manager of Grufesa.

The company’s commitment to innovation is also reflected in the successful presentation of new formats for strawberries that will be incorporated into its already extensive and original line of packaging in the coming season. Two new individual and family-sized containers, holding 250g and one kilogram respectively, relate to the needs of an ever more demanding consumer and an attempt to increase customer loyalty.


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