Grufesa launches of first special strawberry packaging for Christmas

Grufesa launches of first special strawberry packaging for Christmas
The firm Grufesa, based in Moguer, Huelva, devoted to the production and marketing of berries, wants to sweeten Christmas with the design of a special line of innovative packaging formats for strawberries, which will be launched soon to encourage consumption during that period.
These two new limited edition packaging formats, designed especially for Christmas with some allegorical motifs, are an initiative carried out within the framework of Grufesa’s strategy of striving to meet consumer expectations with a natural, tasty and healthy fruit. They will be targeted at thousands of European homes during the Christmas holidays in an increasingly demanding and segmented market, eager for new gastronomic experiences and attractive sales options.
The first is a 250 gram format, suitable for both sharing on special occasions and for individual consumption. In its quest to adapt to market demands, Grufesa has developed an easily transportable container that makes it possible for the fruit to be consumed directly anywhere and at any time of day, with the product visible through a fun, snowflake, die cut.
The second is a 400 gram packaging format, ideal as a gift or to share with family or friends, and which is also oriented for individual consumption. It is easily transportable and offers product visibility through die cut Christmas motifs.
Both formats, screen-printed with Christmas motifs and the slogan The healthy berry, which serves to identify and distinguish all of the company’s brands, have been designed and developed with easily recyclable materials. They consequently meet the sustainability criteria that characterises the firm’s catalogue in its commitment to work in an environmentally-friendly manner and offer added value to the consumer (because of their reusable nature). Moreover, they include a fun cut-out decoration for the Christmas tree which will delight the little ones.
With these two innovations, Grufesa aims not just to gain the loyalty of its customers, but also to facilitate the daily consumption of fruit by adapting the packaging format to the style and living habits of its consumers, who have always welcomed the innovative proposals of the company, as well as its originality and capacity to respond to their demands for new experiences.
“Christmas is a very special time of the year; it is a celebration that brings families, friends and loved ones together, making it an ideal time to share. Thus, in order to take advantage of the earlier arrival of the earliest varieties of the fruit, which we have been observing in recent years, we believed this was the right time to fill a gap in the sector by promoting an innovative product and making it possible to celebrate Christmas also with strawberries,” stated the manager of Grufesa, Carlos Cumbreras, who anticipates a remarkable success for this special line of packaging, based on the good reception of previous promotional campaigns.
“It is no longer enough to differentiate yourself in the market with the best fruit and with the best quality. Consumers are demanding more and we, at Grufesa, have understood it and aimed to satisfy those needs with the launch of new and attractive packaging formats, which not only provide added value, but also highlight the sustainable and innovative nature that we are known for and which makes us unique,” he concludes.

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