Grufesa lays the groundwork for next season’s produce

Grufesa lays the groundwork for next season’s produce

Over the last few days, our partners have been keenly working to prepare their ground to pot on the new strawberry plants from our nurseries in Avila.

Farmers have been working towards getting the ground ready before this happens, a hugely important factor in growing strawberry produce with the best organoleptic properties. 

Various operations are involved in preparing the ground prior to planting out, which are carried out at the same time: raising up the beds, covering them with black plastic and placing the irrigation lines to guarantee the plants grow perfectly.

These tasks are performed by trained staff with a bedder machine that carries out all of these actions at once. “These operations have to be done when the soil is at exactly the right humidity, and has had exactly the right amount of water that it needs, for the proper dampness,” or in other words, when the humidity is at the point where the soil has the optimal properties to be properly handled, explains Grufesa technician Manuel Martínez.


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