There are many reasons to eat strawberries: some people choose them for its flavour, others for its features or attributes. In this section we will tell you what this red fruit can provide to your organism and all the benefits your body will get when you eat it. You won’t have any excuses to take a bite!

Strawberries and blueberries: source of happiness

Does Christmas make you sad? Eat strawberries and blueberries. Numerous studies have shown that when eating these berries, our bodies produce more endorphins and serotonins, the direct sources of your happiness and well-being. Neurobiologists study the relationship...

The secret of eternal youth is in strawberries

Its high concentration of antioxidants makes it an essential stop cell aging fruit. There are thousands of reasons why you should take strawberries every day. And even more now that we are in full season. One is that the antioxidant capacity of berry. Did you know we...

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