Health innovation

Grufesa has chosen the path of innovation as the only one possible towards a promising future. The company spent the last three decades perfecting the strawberry through different R+D+i lines, which led it to join pioneer projects, focused primarily on health and food safety.

Natural flavour

All of Grufesa’s hectares are covered by Food Chain Partnership, a project of Bayer CropScience that Grufesa pioneered in the strawberry farming sector. This project represents a determined commitment for health and food safety, based on a new work philosophy in the field, totally respectful towards the environment. The strict guidelines in plagues control and crop disease guarantees a unique strawberry, full of health and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable agriculture

Grufesa implemented a crop monitoring system that enables an accurate agriculture with a thorough control of irrigation waters, checking soil and plant nutrients level, amongst other variables. Thanks to the implementation of this resource optimization system, Grufesa produces a more sustainable strawberry, saving up to 30% of irrigation water. Thus, it sat in motion all the production process from the nurseries, meeting in real time the specific needs of each farm. It’s done via Internet, using a set of sensors and a wireless system.

The course of nature

This Project joins together the work of six companies, including Grufesa, to lessen the use of fertilizers and chemical treatments, investing on a completely natural process that at the same time achieves an efficient control over plagues and crop disease.

Innovation at the service of sustainability and food safety

Grufesa and AMC Chemical promote the project ‘Development of a new integral technology based on different bioefectors to extend the useful life of the strawberry’ (IDI – 20160667), financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), belonging to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, with which the San Pablo CEU University (Madrid) collaborates.

Packaging innovation

In Grufesa we are innovative by nature. Innovation is part of our DNA and it is why we are based on a completely different way of farming, respecting the plant and the environment it is produced in and displaying it to the costumers in different, new and original packages.

We want you to eat our strawberry with your eyes too. That is why we show it to you in a special package, for a unique fruit:

Special gift packaging “LOVE”