Local associations make students more aware of the importance of cultivating social values to build a better society

Local associations make students more aware of the importance of cultivating social values to build a better society

More than 300 primary school pupils from Moguer and Mazagón, together with various local collectives and associations, have learnt to value and share social principles to become better people and live together harmoniously as a society, as part of the ‘Grow your values’ awareness campaign promoted by Grufesa in the public schools in the area.

This activity forms part of the fifth teaching unit of the second edition of the educational campaign, a comprehensive project promoted by the Moguer-based company to raise awareness of the socio-economic importance of the strawberry sector through educational values. The project re-evaluates their identifying traits and contributes to the personal development and social progress of future generations.

Students in their fourth year at the schools Zenobia Camprubí, Virgen de Montemayor, Pedro Alonso Niño and El Faro have taken part in education on social values such as peace, equality, respect, generosity, solidarity, empathy and friendship, among others, through fun games together with the associations Ánsares, Afame, Cometa Mágica, Puerta Abierta, De Orugas a Mariposas and Abriendo Puertas.

The campaign, which has involved the collaboration of the local Moguer Council and the Obra Social La Caixa, has reached almost 1,500 students aged between 7 and 12 in 57 primary education classrooms from the schools Zenobia Camprubí, Virgen de Montemayor, Pedro Alonso Niño and El Faro.

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