Natural guarantee

The main secret of our strawberry is the care we take through all our strawberry process, from the growing and packing, to its subsequent transfer to the customer’s hands. It is only thanks to the best raw material, the strictest care throughout the production process and the most favorable natural conditions, that Grufesa can offer a unique experience: a product full of flavour, health and beauty along with the greatest quality guarantee.


Grufesa is guarantee, not only because the internal controls and the national and international legislation that are applied to the product, but also for its adequacy to the requirements and protocols internationally demanded.


To guarantee your food safety, in Grufesa we apply the following protocols and quality standards:

Fruit ID

It will tell you where the strawberry was grown. It traces and controls all the product information along the production chain, from its growth, handling and transport, to its arrival at your supermarket.

International guarantee

100% of our strawberry hectares are certified under this protocol, which is the most demanded by customers worldwide. It guarantees an adequate crop protection, food safety, product traceability and environmental protection as well as health, safety and work welfare.

International Food Standard (IFS)
A safe fruit

IFS regulation ensures Grufesa’s capability to supply safe products in accordance to quality and food safety specifications.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)
Greatest rigour

BRC is one of the most demanding and rigorous certifications of the Global Standard for agri-Food Quality.  It takes into consideration aspects ranging from raw materials to production processes and facilities conditions where the fruit is handled.

Integrated Productiona
Sustainable agriculture

Awarded by the Andalusian Regional Government, it certifies that our strawberry was produced taking full advantage of resources and mechanisms of natural production, ensuring a long-term sustainable agriculture.

EU Marketing Standard for fresh fruits and vegetables
Good job certificate 

With number 21/S21022561 Spain, Grufesa guarantees the quality of its strawberries, as well as aspects related to its identification, nature of the product, origin, etc.

Andalusian agri-food industries register (RIA)
Transparency in our activities 

With the RIA register (21/40902) Grufesa provides the regional Administration information of its agri-food activities and complies with quality standards, among other requirements.

Certified Quality
Guarantee for the consumer 

Certified Quality is a brand created by the Andalusian Regional Government for agri-food and fishing products. It certifies that Grufesa offers the consumer a high quality product with the endorsement of the Andalusian Regional Government.