Environmentally friendly

Respect and care for the environment goes hand in hand with the production of red berries in Grufesa. The terms defining the initials R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation) are not empty slogans for us, but are full of programs and sustainable production techniques that enabless the company to give an added value to its fruit.

One of these projects is Food Chain Partnership, a program implemented by Grufesa in 2010 and orchestrated by Bayer Crop Science. With this program we changed the way we produce and we bring nearly a 100% of our hectares to biologic production.

On the other hand, in Grufesa we care for the health and good conditions of our strawberry plants, providing the exact amount of water and nutrients they need at all times. IG4 technology allows us to be respectful with the environment, and watch a natural and healthy strawberry grow from the nursery, besides saving up to 30% of irrigation water on one season.

Grufesa is located within a unique settlement: Doñana National Park, a settlement that became established as the best space for the development of the Spanish and European strawberry, turning Huelva into the second productive area of the world, only surpassed by California.

The proximity to Doñana provides an added value to our strawberry varieties, positioning it on a distinctive place for its quality, safety and the protection of the natural environment.

Aware of its proximity to Doñana National Park, Grufesa’s production controls guarantees a strict compliance with the established Maximum Residue Limits (MRL), as well as the preservation of the local flora and fauna. For that purpose, our technicians and advisors are continuously analysing the fruit and collecting all the plastics and wastes resulting from the crops and the warehouses. Afterwards these materials are recycled by specialized companies. Grufesa’s goal is to guarantee that all the residues are 100 per cent treated and recycled.

For Grufesa, being located in the vicinity of Doñana means the support of a great ally which endows an added value to its fruit, which grows next to a natural space of unique features.