It is only thanks to the best raw material, the strictest care throughout the production process and the most favourable natural conditions, that Grufesa can offer a unique experience: a product full of flavour, health and beauty along with the greatest quality guarantee. That is how its strawberry is, The healthy berry.

6 benefits of strawberries

We haven’t chosen its name randomly. Our strawberry is healthy, natural and sustainable. The healthy berry is the result of the determination we dedicated to innovation throughout more than three decades, always oriented to clean crops, environmentally friendly, with a high quality production system with the greatest guarantees at national and international levels and resulting into a unique strawberry.


  • Accurate agriculture. In Grufesa we outlined our way and projects as IG4 helps us to move forward to a sustainable agriculture. We implemented a resource optimization system, such as water or energy, that allows us to meet specific crop needs in real time of all the farms through Internet, by means of a set of sensors and a wireless system. 
  • Pioneers in sustainability. Grufesa was the first company in the red berries sector to implement the Food Chain Partnership system, which guarantees a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly fruit, meeting the highest demands regarding plague control and crop diseases.

Feed your health

Besides being appealing, strawberry sums up a lot of benefits for your organism. With a 90% of water in its composition, it is the ideal food if you are looking not to add calories to your diet. Moreover it stands out for its fiber supply improving your intestinal motility, and also provides Vitamin C (even more than citric fruits) and Vitamin E, which will help you to stay young. It is antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, protects your skin… Do you need more reasons to include it on your diet?

Versatility in the kitchen

Ideal for breakfasts, snacks, desserts and the best side dish for your meals. The balance between sourness and sweetness, together with its intense colour and peculiar texture, makes the strawberry a fantastic ingredient to highlight a large number of recipes.

ENERGY 35 Kcal / 146 kj
FAT 0,5 g
VITAMIN C 60 mg (75% RDA**)

(**) Recommended Daily Allowance

Our packaging

Hannah, Pinete and Zenobia are Grufesas’ brands on the market. You will find them with different presentations and containers that suits you best.